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Blasting through with Bombast, OT Deezy Lives the Defiant Life with “75 To Life.”

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Meet OT Deezy, a 24-year-old Hip-Hop artist from Euclid, Ohio. His childhood was far from easy – a drug-addicted, abusive father was out of the picture, and his single mother worked tirelessly to support the family. Lacking guidance, Deezy was drawn to street life.


But music was always his refuge. From the age of 14, he poured his heart and soul into writing and recording music, using it to cope with the trauma and challenges of his life. Despite facing hate and disapproval from those around him for daring to speak his mind and stand out, Deezy was driven to succeed.


That drive and hunger have never left him, and he knows in his heart that the music industry is where he belongs. Join Deezy on his journey to make his mark on the industry and prove the haters wrong.


Speed is of the essence as OT Deezy offers dexterity to his lyrics with “75 To Life”, the first single he dropped in 2023. Verses go right for the full-on assault. He has a defiant edge. He taunts the world around him, goading them to try and stop him. This, when placed alongside the animalistic nature of the trap beats, adds to the unhinged attitude of the atmosphere. A steady rhythm never lets up, and he rides the trap beat easily. His word choice creates a sense of rising above every obstacle. Pure swagger, he throws his weight around, ensuring the track has this wild-eyed madness.  


No soft intro: he introduces the listener to the hard streets immediately. The lyricism comes through staccato like a machine gun. Violence underpins the whole message, for he has an unflinching honesty. Refusing to veer away from the dead-eyed gaze, how he propels the rest of the work forward feels strangely refreshing. Over the course of the track, he recalls some of Biggie Smalls’ style, as it neatly ties together some exceptional world-building alongside impeccable timing. Everything within the path veers deep into distortion, as the sound perfectly embodies the sheer desire of OT Deezy to show off his fury. Bass constantly flirts with going into the red, and the assault on the senses results in this bewildering realm, as he has an uncanny ability to capture the attitude of someone with nothing more to lose. 

OT Deezy brings back an old-school, block-rumbling sound as “75 To Life” is a trip. Don`t sleep; check out his latest “Double Back”, OUT NOW.

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