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The Rising Star of Long Island: GTM HAZE

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In the vibrant world of hip hop, new talent emerges every day. However, only a few of these artists truly leave a mark on the industry. GTM HAZE, a prodigious hip-hop artist from Long Island, New York, is one such talent who has been steadily rising to stardom.

Born and raised in Long Island, GTM HAZE has been actively making music for half a decade. His passion for music is deeply rooted, and it shines through in his work. He began his musical journey with the release of his first EP, Straight Drop Vol 1, which set the tone for what was to come.

What makes GTM HAZE stand out is not just his talent but the inspiration behind his music. He cites his family as his primary source of inspiration. His music reflects the values and experiences that have shaped him as a person, making it relatable and authentic.

One of the highlights of GTM HAZE’s career thus far was his feature with Tony Moxberg. This collaboration showcased the synergy between the two artists and was well-received by the audience. Furthermore, GTM HAZE had the opportunity to open for Onyx in April 2022, performing to a sold-out venue. Such experiences are indicative of the kind of trajectory his career is on.

GTM HAZE is not just an artist but also a collaborator and a visionary. He is involved in conceptualizing his music videos by working closely with directors. He is also currently working on his second EP, “High Expectations”, which is eagerly anticipated by his fans.

Looking ahead, GTM HAZE has aspirations to perform in Europe and possibly go on tour with Tony Moxberg. His dedication to his craft and the love from his biggest supporters, his family, fuel his ambition.

GTM HAZE’s journey is an inspiration for aspiring artists. His commitment to authenticity, coupled with his unwavering support system, shows that with passion and dedication, one can carve out a space for themselves in the highly competitive music industry.

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