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Mac Glitzy Top Recording Artist On Only F’s!

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It’s 8am at a sun drenched studio space in downtown Los Angeles, Mac Glitzy is getting their finishing touches on their makeup from the artist and mic’d and fussed over by a swarm of producers assistants, hair, and sound crew members. Elisha Brown television personality is hosting this morning and has a full stack of pressing questions with the “OnlyFans” logo stamped across them. Three cameras begin rolling, the crew moves into their positions, action is yelled out, and the sit down up close and personal interview with the recording artist/ influencer seemingly taking OnlyFans by storm is in motion!

Good morning Mac Glitzy I am so excited to get into this with you and shed some light on the OnlyFans come up and business. What is your goal as a creator Elsiha asks to Glitzy; My goal as a creator Glitzy explains would be to liberate people, I fee like individuality is the most important thing you can posses. Money, friends, possessions, jobs, marriages all that stuff Is nice but not if you’re lying to yourself, how you identify, represent yourself, what you enjoy, and like is really important. Do things because you like or have interest in it, not because someone else said “oh this is lit, this is hot, this is what you should be doing or how it’s always been done”. I feel like I meet a lot of people who have a lot of issues living out loud as their real selves and it is truly really sad because they are so scared what “someone else” will say or think about them. I lived the first 20 years of my life hiding who I was to “just get by” and I really dislike that for anyone. And I meet so many people that are constantly thinking “Can’t wear that what would my boyfriend think, can’t openly date that person what would my family say, can’t admit I listen to that music what would my friends say, can’t start a Only F’s what would my co-workers do?” I promise it may be scary to go for it and live authentically you, and may be met with obstacles to overcome, but once you get there your life finally opens up, and the quality of living just becomes… easier an enjoyable experience.

Elisha keeps hitting Mac Glitzy with hard hitting question after the other point she brought up was; It’s called Only, “FANS” (emphasis on the FANS part), you have a pretty close relationship with your “Fans” they obviously keep going through a pay wall to see what you are doing, why do you think so many people feel connected to you? Glitzy says it’s because they bare it all, and there’s no limits, every single aspect of their life from what dress they choose, taking y’all along for BTS video shoots, to getting freaky an naughty, Glitzy keeps it based in reality while looking like a Glamazon. Glitzy says they try to be very transparent with their fans and make sure they feel loved swell, and tell it like it is. I stay afloat currently because of the fans, I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills, have people calling up asking if they can manage me, sitting here with you right now if it weren’t for this relationship with my fans, very, very grateful, so thank you. I was not doing hot before OF so thank you, really.

What did it take for you to get to where you are right now in your career? Mac burst with relief, Just don’t give up! I have wanted to through in the towel sooo… many times. I’ve been broke, in debt, lived in my car, slept with the rats and the roaches, used to get laughed at in auditions for record labels before the entertainment industry recently got woke for this queer awakening that’s finally taking place in media. They used to straight up laugh as soon as I walked in the door saying “why are you wearing heels and makeup, and say things like there’s no such thing as a nonbinary”. I even once had someone very well know in radio, a somebody you would immediately know if I said the name, look me square in the face about 8 years ago and tell me “You will never be on TV or Radio because the American market does not want to see (insert transphobic/homophobic slur here), and that I would need to butch it up if I was serious about growing an audience”.

With out Spilling to much tea Mac Glitzy can you tell us what is the audience, clientele, who’s tipping you these big cash advances on OF? May I ask what a crazy number for a tip for you? Mac explains to us that it is really all over the spectrum, some legitimate fans who have been with me since the Soundcloud trap and instagrammed days and others are that are hot for me and want to see those parts I can’t show on other platforms. As for big tips I’ve had the occasional thousand dollar tips rolling in from Dubai daddies, the most in one tip was like six thousand for a lingerie booty pic set.

Before we leave here today can you give myself and the viewers at home who are over eighteen and up who were to go on your Only F’s right now what might we see? Mac answers with a smirk and a wink, nothing you wouldn’t see on H.B.-hoe’s! Being able to express love and have a genuine connection with genuine connection with my fans.

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