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Diddy Makes An Appearance In Crunch’s Official Video For “Rock With Me” From ‘Lethal’ Album

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Making a prominent name in the music industry, emerging artist Crunch has released the official music video of “Rock With Me” Feat. P. Diddy.

Crunch is a skillful musician from Los Angeles, the hub of culture in America, and his passion for crafting enjoyable and memorable music is worth all the hype and appreciation he’s been gaining. His new music video “Rock With Me” is taking off. He recently released an album called Lethal and the video is a part of that project. Since the release of the album, Crunch has amassed overwhelming support from a worldwide audience. The L.A. native is hopeful the release of this music video will strengthen the popularity of the album even more. Some of those previous hits from the artist’s career include “Lonely People,” “Twerk & Roll,” “West Coast Anthem,” “Lethal” and “Whip It Up”.

The music video for “Rock With Me” featuring P. Diddy features the artist in his natural and true element, entertaining and performing on stage for his audience. The visuals of the video are kept simple and minimal and completely focus on the rapper and his performance. He is seen to be performing with equal passion and energy. The video also features some glimpses of the globally legendary music mogul Diddy. The video is available on YouTube and you can stream the track on Spotify, Apple Music and/or Amazon Music.

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