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Aaron Reflex Goes To The “Bank” With New Music Video

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Aaron Reflex has been very consistent and most recently released a EP called “Truth”. Fans and supporters have made many videos to the new songs online. Three months ago Aaron Reflex released his the visual video for his hit single “Bank”. Many YouTubers have since made reaction videos to Flex’s music video and his fanbase is growing rapidly everyday. This is due partly to Aaron’s incredible work ethic and consistency being an independent music artist. Although he is independent, he has landed many opportunities independently while also successfully obtaining a bachelors degree. Aaron Reflex is in the process of launching his clothing brand and expanding his independent music label. Aaron has done shows all around the country, successfully sold out shows, sold out seasonal clothing collections on his website, and much more independently. Aaron has expressed making a better effort to understand the business at a deeper level to thrive more although he has already had a lot of successful endeavors independently. He definitely has a humble and entrepreneurial mindset. He has had meetings with labels but has not came to a deal yet. He has expressed turning down deals because he believes in his sons and work ethic. He wants to try to get a certified hit independently before signing over so he has more leverage. He is playing chess not checkers This will take him far. Aaron has spoken with some artist briefly over messages such as Usher, and others about his musical talents. Aaron expressed “speaking with someone like Usher even for a few messages in the DM on Instagram meant a lot to me because I grew up listening to his music and to know a legend I grew up listening too heard my music at some point made me feel blessed”. Aaron has expressed some people in his playlist he respects and would like to work with in the future including Drake, MONEYMAN, Red Cafe, Fabulous, 50 Cent, Lil Baby, SZA, Future, Lil Wayne, Maino, A$AP Rocky, Busta Rhymes, Pharrell, T-Pain, French Montana, Nas, Metro Boomin, Jim Jones, and more. Aaron has a New York filled playlist and is a huge fan of hip hop aside from being a music artist. He takes pride in his music and attributes his diverse sound to listening to so many talented artist and different genders. Aaron was scheduled to join an artist songs as a special feature with other major artist “Gunna”, and the now deceased “Lil Keed” but the song wasn’t released by the artist following the tragic death of “Lil Keed”. Aaron has expressed he was asked to be on the song by the artist, recorded his verse, and the artist even previewed it on social media. He was told everything was cleared but Aaron Reflex declined to be on the song at a later date. The song still did not release to this date and may remain unreleased.


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