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Calispeedway Is More Than Just A Musical Artist, She’s A Visionary and Changemaker

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She’s a songwriter, rapper, and singer on the rise from being an independent artist to becoming a mainstream sensation and we’re here vibing our way through the gravity of her takeoff. In an industry oversaturated with noise, Calispeedway makes her presence known and respected with distinguished subject matter lyrics and how she ‘says things’ because delivery is a powerful, underestimated detail when it comes to creating music.

Hailing from Cleveland, Calispeedway first caught our attention with the release of her hit singles Accusations and Goat Cheesein 2018, followed up by Pop’s Fry Song and Akahol in 2020. Goat Cheese continues to be a huge success and to date has been added to over 1800 playlists worldwide and was featured in American superhero drama TV series Black Lighting Season 4, Episode 9.

Last year Calispeedway released her latest hit Bottomless Bag – a catchy, hard hitting, motivating song that has already garnered over 18 thousand streams on Spotify. The single, inspired by the thought of having endless cash reserves, garnered over 18 thousand streams on Spotify. “Some days so much money goes out of your possession to things you want and need and it feels like it should be Bottomless and it can be. It’s a mind state really,” she tells

With Calispeedway’s nearly 20 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and over 55 thousand streams of Goat Cheese alone – it was only right for discussions to begin on Phase 2 of the song’s life-after-debut. The next phase of Goat Cheese is 100 remixes titled Goat Cheese 100 Ways which will feature remixes of the catchy, fresh, rhythmic global hit. Fans can hardly wait for the highly anticipated Slap House re-mix by SkyNova Beats on May 5th.

Produced by Tasha Catour, Calispeedway shared some fun facts with about the inspiration of her biggest hit to date. “Goat Cheese was inspired by the name of a beat that the producer sent to me, which was Blue Cheese. I liked the name and I thought of money right away and started to  connect all the slang words for cheese and money because playing on words is what I’m known for,” she explains.

I aint talking dairy n**** naw/ I don’t roll with scary n***’s naw/ I need a block of cheddar like this tall/ And I be grinding I could shred it all/ Roll thru the bank that’s what I call bank roll/ If it aint money I ignore the call/ If you try to play me ignore the law/ Upside your head like I’m Mr. McCall/ OH OH OH they pay me full price/ NO NO NO I don’t need more ice/ But I’m gone get some / I jet-set then dip on em/ Flow Flow Flow yea it’s so nice/ I keep a stick of that mozzarella/ And I know fashion like Donatella/ No No don’t play me I’m tryna tell ya/ Show me the money like Jerry McGuire/ Show Me the Money,” she raps in the first verse.

And the fan reactions on YouTube show just how timeless, relevant, and impactful the song continues to be. “As soon as I heard this on Black Lighting I came flying looking for this song, Love it! …, wrote one fan. Another fan wrote, “I was watching Black Lightning and heard this song. This is straight up fire !!! Much love from Quebec, Canada.”

For Calispeedway, being a visionary with a passion to affect change on the culture through music is her strongest motivator. “I like people to party, have a good time, and feel good about life. I speak good things into existence and relay experiences through my music,” she says.

You are who you think you are, especially on the days you feel like you’re the s—. Run with that energy. Big yourself up. In one of my upcoming singles I say “ You’re a higher being” That’s what I want the masses to know. Each person knowing that will make true change. Music and sound is a motivator,” she says.

The multi-hyphenate recording artist recently released a new single titled Energy featuring AI YE. Produced by Grammy award-winning producer Dunlap Exclusive, Calispeedway didnt fail to disappoint fans with her Dopeness. She also revealed her re-branded stage name Ghetto Alien in the songs music video.

For more information on Calispeedway, subscribe to her YouTube Channel @Calispeedway.  

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