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Adrienne Bailon Releases The Birth Story of Her Son Ever James

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For the final episode of our Faith and Familia series, Adrienne release the birth story of her son. Ever James Bailon-Houghton was born via surrogate in Lake Tahoe, California. Adrienne has been very open with her infertility and love that her husband Isreal has for her is so heartwarming. In the video, Adrienne even shows her helping to deliver her son during a home birth. This journey wasn’t easy. Adrienne endured multiple rounds of IVF before finally deciding use a surrogate. But despite the suffering through miscarriages, her biggest concern was disappointing others.

She told ET, “I think it’s hard enough to deal with your own disappointment when you go through things like this, that it gets that much harder when you feel like you have to now explain to everyone else”

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