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Teyana Taylor | Angie Martinez IRL Podcast

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On this episode of Angie Martinez IRL, Angie sits down with the talented singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer Teyana Taylor. Angie talks to her fresh off the NYC premiere of her latest film, A Thousand And One, Teyana reflects on some of the most distinguished moments in her career and personal life that shaped her into the woman she is today. Despite experiencing amazing career highs like the VMA’s, Sundance, and multi-platinum records, Teyana has never felt like she has accomplished alot. She talks about missed opportunities and not being always included. She eventually learned that the weight she once thought was punishment was actually preparation for her true big successes. Look at God.

Teyana opens up about her relationship with God and the importance of daily communication and the power of prayer. Their chat about the abandonment issues she faced in her life and career causes Teyana to dig deep into her emotions, a side of her we don’t often see. Teyaana shares her experiences working with icons like Pharrell and Kanye West, with poise, grace, and honesty. She reminds us that in life, we have to be willing to accept the apologies we may never receive. Watch below:



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