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Poetry With Purpose: Words Of Warning From Hard-Earned Wisdom

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Real heroes in this century come clothed in so many different attires. Through inspiring and influencing others to rise against broken systems, a hero can be related to someone willing to freely share his hard life experience with the goal to help someone else out. Hip-Hop artist and poet Crushion “Cru” Stubbs has earned himself this badge through one of his latest singles titled, “Greater Later”.    


Artist Crushion Stubbs, known for his thought-provoking lyrics, which often tackle complex and controversial issues, once again, creatively holds a magnifying glass up to our nation’s social ills, but this time pours out his own story, which is about breaking the patterns and cycles created within a broken system. Released in the dawn of 2023, the Chicago, Illinois rapper’s hard-hitting lyrics inspirationally inject faith into the lives of his fans, even after being incarcerated himself for over a quarter of a century. With “Greater Later” – he rises like a modern-day spartan with poetry and rhymes that are not only admirable but edutaining too.


For nearly 30 years in multiple state and federal prisons, Crushion has documented his experience in this new single. Not shying away from his lived truths, he reveals the outright stark truth about the carceral system, highlighting just a few of the many ugly realities surrounding mass incarceration. His track, created as a trip through the actualities of life whilst bringing back hope to the seemingly hopeless, proves quite effective.


“Greater Later” drops as a new rework to the original track released over 20 years ago and is produced by, “its EC3”. The original was, recorded over a prison phone and collect call straight to the studio and, produced by the legendary Chicago Hip-Hop producer, E.C.illa. What makes its message and sound remarkable is the fact that they still stand out even after decades. The truth in the song is a testament that mass incarceration was, and is, a real serious problem in the US.


This single takes up a social climate in which the artist can dare to talk openly about his feelings while strengthening other people’s faith. His personal experience, of being just one of many younger black Americans regularly shoved into the criminal justice system lends to this song’s authenticity. As sour as this bitter tale might taste, artist Crushion has laid down his career to express his own accountability regarding change. His single is crafted first, as a warning steeped in wisdom to the youth, that if they listen intently and take heed, they will not have to witness what he has been through in the last 30 years. In addition, his track also serves as a sneak peek into the realism behind those steel and concrete curtains for all his fans to gain insight into what life in prison is really like.


Not one to just simply, “talk the talk” you can also find Crushion Stubbs putting in work where it matters most. As a Board Member of the Fully Free Campaign and the Illinois Coalition to End Permanent Punishments he finds effective ways to get the word out about eliminating discriminatory laws and policies against people with felony records. Crushion recently linked up with powerhouse Escaping the Odds Media to reach back into the prisons and equip them with both, resources and information to make a successful transition upon release.


Be sure to check out Crushion’s new single “Greater Later” on all major music streaming platforms and be on the lookout for more positive music to follow that he has in line for us.


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