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In This Episode: “A House Divided” Cast Mates LisaRaye McCoy and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

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June Archer Talks To LisaRaye McCoy and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs About The Fifth And Final Season Of “A House Divided”, How They Were Able To Create And Maintain On-Camera Chemistry, The Importance Of Being A Ride Or Die Chic For Your Man, The Love Triangle And Entanglement This Happens This Season, Money, Power & Respect As It Pertains To Family and More.

“A House Divided” follows the living descendants of Letty Sanders, an enslaved woman who arrived in Los Angeles in 1821 and became the wealthiest Black woman in the newly formed city. Cameran Sanders has raised his three children — Stephanie, Cameran Jr. and Torrance — in opulent wealth. Following the sudden death of Cameran’s wife, secrets are uncovered, scandals emerge, and Carissa Walker emerges from the shadows determined to be the next Mrs. Cameran Sanders. The family members are forced to band together for the sake of their survival, or risk the demise of their long-standing legacy.

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