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Leylajade Here We Go

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Our favorite song collections consist of both established artists and newcomers. It is always interesting to watch the journey of such up-and-coming artists about to be thrust into the limelight. One such emerging musical talent is Leylajade.

Jade Martin, who goes by the stage name Leylajade, is a promising talent in the pop/dance genre. The young sensation has touched many and is ready to share her new and inventive sound on the world stage. Leylajade takes on a different approach with her art, featuring impressive moves, looks, and an incredible voice to back it up.

Leylajade is an Italian/American girl who developed a love and interest for singing, acting, and dancing at the age of three. She continued nurturing her talents while attending the University Center of Performing Arts, where she learned how to express her passion and desires through her art.

After countless singing, dance recitals, and theater shows, she realized she felt most comfortable on stage. Leylajade has had an eventful journey, from writing her first song in kindergarten to working with the talented and platinum Grammy award-winning music producer, Ray Contreras.

Ray immediately spotted her unique talents, took her under his wing, and signed her to his label, Racy Music. After getting signed, Leylajade began building herself as a brand, significantly contributing to where she is today.

Here is Leylajade’s professional singing and performing career timeline:

She debuted her first two singles, “Whatcha Wanna Do” and “Here We Go,” in June 2018. The tracks gathered over 70,000 plays on SoundCloud in the first week.

Leylajade made her first music video for her second single, “Here We Go,” in August 2018, directed by Grammy-nominated music producer and director Jimmy Greco. The video gained 42,000 plays on TikTok and was featured on LA Talk Radio in the same month.

She released her third single, “One Beat Away”, in December 2018, which got over 258,000 plays on SoundCloud during its first week.

Leylajade released her fourth single, “Summer Nights,” featuring Frankie Negron, which got over 267,000 plays in the first week.

In June 2020, she performed at a mini concert on the Stream Live app and was recognized as one of the trending artists.

Her fifth single, “On the Verge”, debuted in November 2022, and it is gaining recognition from many industry officials.

Leylajade attributes most of her success and recognition to being her authentic self in everything she does. She has a unique way of inspiring and connecting with her fans through the music, dances, and art she performs.

She also finds a way to stand out from the rest using her powerful and transcending vocals and her dramatic and fierce stage presence. Leylajade is never shy of expressing herself, and her words resonate with everybody.

Leylajade’s ambition is to get signed to a prominent record label and tour the US to promote her music and message. Her dreams and aspirations have always been to make music that people can relate to and dance to. Also, she dreams of performing at the Grammy’s to get recognition from the Recording Academy. You can enjoy her music on various streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartradio, and Tidal. She is also active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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