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The Future of Rap is Here – The Rise of Tony “Biggie Bull” Westly

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In the music scene, you make it by either getting help or by hustling on your own. There isn’t a lack of motivation by a lot of artists who understand that you can’t count on connections. Success is part luck, but if you believe you make your own luck, you come much more prepared. Such is the story of Biggie Bull, officially known as Tony Westly.

Biggie Bull is a rapper and Hip-Hop artist from Louisiana who has made his name for himself. The entertainment industry is overcrowded with superstars, which makes it nearly impossible for rising stars to perform on the big stages. However, Biggie Bull has shown that everything is possible. His songs speak for themselves, which allowed him to develop a huge fan base and shine alongside superstars we all know today.

In an elusive interview, Biggie Bull revealed that he developed everything from nothing. He had to learn to do everything by himself and double his efforts to be noticed. His determination finally paid off, though he had to overcome challenges. Biggie Bull got his first charting in August in the United Kingdom at number 17, behind Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion. He considers this his best achievement so far.

Biggie Bull has released his songs, which are available on streaming platforms. His most popular tracks include These Temptations, Spin Again, Imagine Me, Was My Love, How Do You Want, Imagine Me, and Clearview. Biggie Bull has been the talk of the town, especially after the release of his two songs in 2020. His success shocked many since they can’t understand how he came from nothing to build a name for himself as a rapper. He continues to wow people with his lyricism and his unique way of singing.

Biggie Bull is not only an artist but also an entrepreneur. He has opened his clothing line, currently selling men’s and women’s clothes, and there is a plan to include kids’ clothes. Although it is a recent venture, the clothing line is already doing well. It is expected to be a household name in the coming years, and no one doubts it.

The Biggie Bull’s journey has a lesson for everyone. It inspires upcoming artists and entrepreneurs to believe in what they can do and focus on the prize. People around you will only like it when you fall and will not want you to get up. That, however, should never discourage you. You can’t blame them for not liking to see you succeed against the odds, but it is a win for you.

Biggie Bull is still focused on becoming the best rapper alive after Tupac. He has the will and faith to push his music and brand to higher levels. The rapper has a set target and is hoping to play a Villain in the next Batman. His dream is still alive, and he is the next real deal to watch out for.

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