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Rajah Marie – 21 Questions (Remix)

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Rajah Marie dropped a new take on 50 cents’ ”21 Questions” and we are here for it! She takes us between the old school and the new school, incorporating many different elements. Listener’s highlights her lyricism and melodic voice as this remix is full of metaphors referring to 50 cent’s top hits such as” Candy Shop” and” When it Rains It Pours” and even referenced 50 Cent’s entire 2003 project” Get Rich or Die Trying”. ” When it rains it pours and the true colors come out, number 1 question, you gone be here when I’m down and I’m out, yeah” (Rajah Marie, 21 Remix). This line, like many others, plays on song titles while keeping the listener wrapped in the original melody. In the visuals for this remix, Rajah Marie and her team interoperated the song as an interrogation where she quite literally is asking these questions to an actor who is handcuffed in an interrogation scene setting. She bares all black attire, and we get scenes of her swaying to the beat, and she even rocks a 50-cent tee at the end to further pay homage to the rapper’s song. ” Gotta Give Credit where credit is due, the T-shirt was my manager ‘s idea and I think it was the cherry on top” (Rajah Marie). When speaking with Rajah Marie, she expressed that although she was very young when this 2000’s classic was released, this and many other hits were still apart of her childhood. A lot of Rajah Marie’s early influences came from the early 2000’s hit music and inspire her flows and cadences to this day. ” There are some artists from back then who changed and influenced music forever going forward, and I listened to them well into my teenage years” (Rajah Marie). This music video and song can be viewed on YouTube along with her other new original songs.

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