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Deezel D: Certified Entertainment – It’s Not Just a Label, It’s a Lifestyle

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Living to see your dreams come to life brings a satisfaction like no other. However, these dreams only come to life by taking action. You have to step up and take the challenge as it is. You have to realize that you have the potential to start from anywhere as long as you are determined and persistent. In the beginning, things might start in a different way than you expected, but no matter how small the efforts and steps are, they will eventually lead to something great. This is the story of Deezel D, who has built a thriving label from scratch through hard work to make a name in the music industry.

Deezel is a successful self-made businessman and the founder and CEO of Certified Entertainment LLC based in South Texas. The entertainment mogul has come from the bottom and has built his company up to its current standing as one of the fastest-growing independent labels in South Texas.

Consistency is a great art in the music industry, something that Dezeel doesn’t take lightly. For artists to remain relevant and in touch with their fans, they must constantly produce music that inspires the audience to maintain the connection between the artists and the fans. Certified Entertainment’s artists GBN Jorgiee and YungDes have managed to give their fans and supporters something to vibe by posting a video once a month. In the last year, they have consistently posted 12 videos which their fans can’t stop raving about.

A leading industry expert, Deezel takes pride in being one of the best entertainment brands. He has been nominated for breakthrough artist of the year at the Underground Hip Hop Awards in Houston, Tx, on December 10th. Moreover, the innate philanthropist Deezel D believes in constantly giving back to the community with school supply bashes, turkey drives, and toy drives.

Given all his achievements, it hasn’t been a smooth road for Deezel to grow Certified Entertainment. His biggest challenge has been bringing forth his company and artists in a completely saturated industry. Despite that, Deezel has managed to break these barriers by developing meaningful networks and relationships with a genuine approach.

Rising from the bottom is never easy, and you must constantly work hard to see your dreams come true. Deezel constantly reminds everyone that there is no time to relax and get comfortable because even if we are rich and full, we should hustle as if we are broke and starving.

Certified Entertainment is not about to slow down! Deezel dreams of his record label constantly making a name in the music industry in the coming years. He aspires to see Certified Entertainment in a joint venture with prominent labels such as Yo Gotti’s CMG, Gucci Mane’s 1017, or even Kevin Lyles and 300 Ent.

Family comes first, and Deezel has big goals for him. Deezel’s dream is to change the generational wealth of his family. He wants the generations that will come after him to have an easy time with finances and to have something to build on. He also believes in providing a better opportunity for the youth and showing them a better and legal way to escape some of the everyday struggles they face through business. He wants to inspire the younger generations that whichever way they choose, through hard work and determination, there will always be a way out.

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