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Jett Bailey drops new visuals for his single “Pressure” and projects his takeover

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Jett Bailey, self made Artist, Writer, CEO, Strategist, Engineer, Barber and Self-Motivated Creator. AKA as Cam or Jett, Jett can be classified as an unique Rap/Hiphop artist but know that he is way more than that.


The Laurel based artist has been pioneering the Hiphop, R&B and Soul music industry with various sounds such as his new release called “Pressure”, the visuals just dropped and are already up on Youtube, you’ll get to see the quality and work he really puts in his craft.


So we actually had a short interview with Jett Bailey, we asked him a few questions about his journey and where’s he is headed:


“Jett Bailey, who triggered the will in you to start making music?”

  • My father was/is a major influence of mine growing up. Not only was he the lead vocalist in his band, but he also played many different pieces of equipment such as piano, drums & guitar. He was always listening to some form of feel good music in the car, whether it be R&B/ Hiphop, Soul, Funk to Jazz as he would play the pretend drums on the steering wheel. Aside from just my pops, there has always been a craving for being in the spotlight. Having won the talent show 2 years in a row in 6th and 7th grade off of original written songs with the help of my pops is what drove me to want to pursue performing and writing more. As I got older into high school I started taking music very serious especially my junior year. Heartbreak and not having received enough playing time on the schools basketball team led me to focus more and more on writing and recording. From there I released my first mixtape on Datpiff titled “The Chase” 2013. From there, I sought out to perform as much as possible.


“What is it like making music in your city?”

  • Well I’m from Laurel, MD. My city is pretty reserved and middle class for the most part. A real chill type city. However I’ve noticed not much music related events go on over here. DC & Bmore are the two major areas that have developed some form of rep when it comes to the music scene. Having performed in both areas and being in the mix among a vast amount of local artists gave me an in depth look at how big headed a lot of these artists are.

  • So what I chose to do, was create my own label (at first) which has now evolved into a multimedia company titled “BumiCult”. BumiCult is a family oriented organization that focuses on compound interest. This essentially means growing together as organically as possible. Organizing concerts, community events, podcasts, commercials, music vids etc. you name it. We do it.


“Where is all that inspiration and motivation coming from?”

  • Majority of my inspiration derives from personal experiences. I find value in every situation. The ups, the downs, and everything in between. A true romantic, so a lot of my music caters to relationships with couples. However a vast amount of my songs talk about the life of an entrepreneurial independent. The boss mentality is what come off in my music. How to handle certain situations & how to overcome. Never Quit.


“Where do you see yourself and your music career in the next 5 years?”

  • I finally see myself after 10+ years of making music a solid core fan base that allows me to travel the world and sell out shows whenever I pull up in a new city to tour. I see myself more in the mix in terms of networking events, galas, and business meetings. I visualize myself as a very successful entrepreneur who will be able to fully provide and take care of my family and loved ones.

Jett Bailey has a lot of upcoming plans and will keep putting in that hard work, you can go and get in contact with him on his socials and listen to his upcoming projects.

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