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Behind The Frames And Trapland Pat Drip On The Bayou

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Florida’s rap game has been shook once again by Trapland Pat and Behind The Frames, thanks to their new hit single “Big Boy Drip”. The two have paired up to write a new chapter in the books of the Florida rap scene with their latest music video that is reminiscent of all things Florida. The bayous, syrup, and of course… lots of ethical non-monogamy with beautiful women in fast cars. Just another day in the life of the two young rap stars, who have been hard at work this year in the post pandemic era.

Just a few months ago Trapland Pat broke further into mainstream success after rappers like Rick Ross remixed his hit single “Big Business”. Prior to the pandemic, Behind The Frames was on tour with Lil Xan and has recently worked with the likes of Tyla Yahweh and Drakeo the Ruler who unexpectedly passed away last year. As a result of this, Frames held off on releasing their single which was scheduled to debut around Christmas of last year out of respect to the artist’s family.

The two artists are using their momentum and segueing directly into 2023 after the viral success of their collaborative single “Big Boy Drip” which The Source commended this week for being one of the most authentic sounds to come out of Florida in 2022 saying it “echoes in the audiences heads for days”. Their love for the culture and their home state shows in their latest exhibition reception with fans and critics alike.

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