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Lauren London Speaks On Nipsey Hussle’s Energy Being Connected To New LA Love Story Puma Collection

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Beyond all honor and a well overdue moment for Power Mornings’ show host Letty, the incredible Lauren London stopped by the Power 106 studios to speak about her latest venture with the Puma LA Love Story” collection drop.

London explains that the newest collection’s essence was captured over the past two and a half years, with the challenges and effects of the 2020 pandemic all having a creative impact on the pieces that are now available today. The Puma collection is a rendering of not only the deep connection Lauren London has to her hometown but also highlights the deep love and connection she had with the late Nipsey Hussle. As certain pieces capture Nip’s energy, whether that be a lyric imprinted on a pullover or the energy felt from the Los Angeles history and vibe, Lauren explains to Letty how Hussle is woven throughout the entire collection.

While Lauren London begins to step back into her acting career, the mother of two is known to ride for her city with a West Coast curated playlist, which includes the late Nate Dogg, and she also shares her love for LA with her kids through her parenting and spiritual teachings.

Lauren London goes on to share who fills her cup and who helps support her, what featured on her book list, and what it was like collating with Hype Williams on the “LA Love Story” Puma Collection.

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