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Keezy is The New Voice of The West

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Besides the great beaches and star-studded landscape, California is also home to some of the most famous and talented musicians. The state has played a huge role in shaping the global music industry, giving us some incredible artists and songs to sing along to—the latest is fast-rising rapper Keezy. Keezy has introduced a fresh new sound to California and the global rap scene. He has combined his two backgrounds to create a unique sound that many have described as ‘the missing link in hip-hop.’

Keezy was born and partly raised in California before they moved to Syria. His parents wanted Keezy and his brothers to learn more about their culture, and they packed their bags and moved to a small village, Faruzi, in Syria. Looking back, Keezy says this was the start of his music journey.

Growing up in the village, there weren’t many things that Keezy could do outside school. He started listening to Syrian music, which he instantly fell in love with and wanted to share with the world. But he wasn’t sure how to go about it.

Keezy wanted something that would have a piece of his two worlds: California and Syria. When they returned to the US, he began looking into the music industry and learning more about the field, helping him perfect his music writing and singing skills and find the perfect sound.

Keezy is sharing the two cultures through music. His unique style has attracted massive attention, with music legends like Hit-Boy acknowledging it. Keezy has released two tracks; Stainless ft Hit-Boy and Dom Kennedy and Misled ft Hit-Boy. According to the fast-rising rapper, he is working on his first album, which is set to release soon.

He says his goal is to create timeless music that is not only a vibe to sing along to but also inspires and encourages the listener. Keezy is showing his fans that it is possible to reach the top; you just have to work hard and be patient.

When Keezy began his journey, many people didn’t believe he could make it. But he didn’t give up. He invested in his brand, and others started recognizing his work.His manager, Double, who is also his good friend, saw his vision and gave him a shot.

They have been working together, helping Keezy to grow his brand. Keezy is now working with people he used to look up to. Keezy is a big fan of Hit-Boy and Dom Kennedy, and getting to work with them on his first two songs was a great opportunity and honor.

“I have loved Hit-Boy and Dom Kennedy’s work for a long time. Their music has played a huge role in my career, and Hit and Dom recognizing my work was really huge for me. HB invited me to the studio, and we hit it off from the first session. When I met Dom, it was basically the same way the energy was genuine; it was real love, so I dropped my 1st single with Dom, produced by HB – Stainless. Not long after, we released my 2nd single with HB. We are now working on an album,” says Keezy.

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