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Cody Tyler New Single “Killin Me”

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There have been major shifts in the music business as a result of the digital and internet era we now live in. Due to the widespread availability of online streaming services and social media platforms, talented artists now have access to avenues via which they can broadcast their music to the world and make their identities known in ways that were previously unimaginable. Every day, there are new musical talents that are discovered that have the potential to “blow up” in the near future. Cody Tyler is one of the top names on that list.

The city of Jacksonville, Florida is where Cody Tyler first made his appearance. He never considered becoming a musician. He was not the one to choose music. Following the completion of his education, Cody had the darkest period of his life, and he was sent to a mental institution for treatment of his depression. Cody would compose poetry instead of going to therapy, and those poems would eventually evolve into songs, which helped Cody develop his vision and his purpose. The impulse to make music occurred to him almost immediately after he had the realization that it was part of his job to encourage other people and give them a sense of happiness.

Cody Tyler has never had any trouble being in touch with his feelings. It provides him with inspiration or, to put it another way, fuels his writing. Around ninety percent of the time, he has a lot of information to share, but there are occasions when it might backfire because it can become overwhelming. Cody has a deep passion for creation; in fact, it serves as one of his primary motivations, and the source of all of his work is his heart. Cody penned two original songs, one of which was featured on E! Entertainment Television, while the other was featured in Hypnotiq Liquor and Elevator Magazine. Follow him on Instagram- lightkidzleader and Twitter – purplecodytyler .

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