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Fox Soul Premieres New Political Series, The Gen Zone Tuesday, October 11

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The Gen Zone is an interactive weekly news show that delivers reactionary commentary regarding both national and international politics. The broadcast uses a uniquely humorous approach to relate to  younger generation media users. As government affairs have recently become a popular topic across music, TV and entertainment, The Gen Zone incorporates popular viral moments and meme culture to create a platform where politics don’t have to be boring, but fun and still informative.
“The Gen Zone is a passion project that holds a special place for me because it was born from an idea that I created with my mother, Desiree Gosein” says creator and producer Damien Douglas. “The show will fill a much-needed void in the political and talk show space for Gen Z, to stay awake and aware. We created the show in 2020 and are thrilled to have found a home at FOX Soul, where they are producing invaluable content for our community.”

“Politics affects every aspect of our daily lives and sets the stage for ethics and morality in our society,” says host Jhone Y. Lucas. “As a generation, we can no longer afford NOT to be informed about political issues in our country. So I’m stepping up to do just that. I am honored to be a voice that not only relates to Gen Z but believe that what we’re doing is serving a bigger purpose. Our future depends on it.”

Watch the teaser below:

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