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Ty Thagod Speaks On How His Name Was Born

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Most artists think of their own artist names. Some artists are given their artist
name from a friend and or family. Ty Thagod was given his artist name, when his manager at the time said you need a powerful catchy name to grab people’s
attention. Before he was Ty Thagod he went by the artist name Yung Swaggz.
The crazy thing about his name story is that it was given or mentioned
to him multiple times, before he decided to use it. The artist’s name
and their artistic style is something that helps the artist stand
out from the rest of their peers.

Ty says it came from a higher power, as he made him a God but that name was given to him on multiple occasions by different people. He was in a session with
a group of rappers and he said in a verse “bow down to the God or get blazed like reefer blown up like C4 I destroy shit destruct shit wtf you think I came here for”.After that they all were astonished that it was off the fly, they gave him the name Ty Thagod. There was also another time where the people in his neighborhood gave it to him but it was spelled Ty Tha Gawd. It was the same name but spelled differently. Ty says there was also another time, where it was given to him from one of his mentors, Mary Jayne. She rebranded his artist name when he was going by his government name as his artist name. Mary told Ty you’re gonna go by Ty Thagod first name last name based on how you carry yourself. He then thought about it and said this might be a sign from the higher power as that was the name he was called, and that’s how he started using the name from there on out as his Monika.

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