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Zimm’s Hit Single “Haunted” Breaks 20 Million Streams

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For an artist, it takes courage to turn your career on its head and lay every painful detail of your life on the table to inspire others to make a change. For Zimm, a rapper and songwriter with over 50 million streams under his belt, his own battle with mental health has been a journey. Throughout his musical career, you can witness his battle with the loneliness of depression and watch his struggle to break through to the other side. With music as his own personal therapist, helping him through an ongoing war with his innermost and darkest thoughts, Zimm has always enshrined his music with a powerful message. He is now, building on that experience, determined to take that message on the road as a motivational speaker to give strength to those who are experiencing the same pain he has gone through.
Born and raised in a small town in Central Pennsylvania, the 25-year-old artist’s music reflects on his personal struggles with mental illness, relationships, and drug addiction. His music has regularly resonated with audiences in the tens of millions. He has always led with lyrical truths, honesty, and integrity, which are central to the hip hop narrative. Zimm has never shied away from telling his raw story with a vulnerability that few in the rap game would choose to express.
He is most known for his song “Haunted,” which has recently passed 20 million total streams across streaming platforms. In the song, he details his struggles with depression and mental illness, opening up about things he battled with in silence for years. Zimm is open about his struggles with mental health in hopes of spreading awareness. One of his main goals as an artist is to shed light on mental illness.
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