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DameDot – F**k Yo Summer

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A true boss lords over as much territory as possible. As far as Detroit goes, there may not be a boss bigger right now than
DameDot. DameDot’s outreach for The Motor City goes beyond his creative bodies of music; his outreach is also felt through various businesses such as security and charity programs. In January, DameDot released a 25-track album
The Umbrella Again, which provided quick songs in a plentiful amount that gained love from Pitchfork and DJ Booth.

F**k Yo Summer is his latest Magnus Opus that contains 24 songs. The Team Eastside OG provides another project that hits like a flurry of jabs with quick songs that transition into another song seamlessly. The highlights of the album are “Chinese Fanta,” “Blood on This Money,” “That’s it,” “Bigger Picture,” “One One,” and “PROUD.” DameDot raps in the signature Detroit drill cadence that many other cities started to pick up in the past year. His smooth delivery gives the perfect balance to the aggressive and ominous production.


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