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How AJ Gore Is Becoming A Titan In The Music Industry

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Born in Atlanta, Georgia before relocating to North Carolina, AJ Gore has been a heavy influencer in the media industry for over 15 years. His company Eyes Closed Entertainment has not only been his personal passion but also a leading brand when it comes to artist development. Being such a leading figure has allowed AJ Gore to make a mass amount of professional connections with a variety of businesses as well as talented artists looking to reach the next stage of their careers. Eyes Close Entertainment is not only a titan in the making but also a culmination of his efforts throughout the years. Alongside his producer and longtime friend The Soundwave Studio, AJ Gore has been able to build his brand both professionally and musically. His Eyes Closed Radio Show is also a major part of the Eyes Closed brand. The show as well as AJ himself are constantly at work producing content and providing interviews. The mission of Eyes Closed is to build public communication and promotion for artists, brands, businesses, dancers, and entrepreneurs alike and to produce content that will inspire, entertain, and educate.


Gore started making music back in 2008 under the stage name ‘FreshECE’ before later changing his name to AJ Gore. He has always played a key part in artist development doing everything from finding beats to creating a marketing roll out. Playing such an active part in the lives of artists has helped Gore to provide better consultations and value to his clients and brand. Aside from running his Eyes Closed brand, AJ Gore has new music dropping every month.Make sure to keep up with AJ Gore by following him on Instagram here and stream his current catalog below.

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