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How Film and Music Producer Navroz Prasla Is Inspiring People Across The Globe

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In the U.S., there are more than 3 million Indian-Americans and the community is among the fastest growing ethnic groups in America. The group has left an indelible mark on almost every segment of society, even as they continue to grow in influence and visibility.  Arguably, no other community has had a greater impact on pop culture than Indian-Americans. Indians have not only been instrumental in making Bollywood a household name but also have appeared prominently in American entertainment as writers, actors, comedians and directors. In the world of business, there are many professionals who seek to change the business atmosphere and shake it up. Navroz Prasla is one of them with his background in producing, and directing for more than 20 years in the film industry, being an Indo-American himself is essential to have such representation in the film and business industry.

Navroz Prasla Shared this photo Via his Twitter @Navrozprasla11, which was captioned: “Vivek Oberoi visited Houston for Life CRY Gala 2022 and while on his visit he stopped by the NTVHouston Studios! It was a pleasure having him and chatting with such a humble human being and a Fan Favorite Hero.”

Prasla is known for being a visionary, producer, and filmmaker from Mumbai, India who is the Founder and President of several media companies he has established such as “Media Films Craft”, “Navroz Media Network” and “Indiaflix” to name a few. Navroz Prasla has recently been presented with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” on behalf of the Biden Administration. This major recognition was a significant turning point in the Indo-American community as it signified the hard work throughout the American film community as well as the Bollywood film community.

Prasla is one of many filmmakers who got their start making indie films, his first production “Kshitij” was a Marathi film, a native language-based film stemming from Mumbai, Maharashtra region also known as old Mumbai. His film debuted in late 2016 and earned an ICFT UNESCO Gandhi Medal in 2017, this film centered around the adversities of a 12-year-old who tried to remain in school despite the hardships of poverty.

Prasla’s own mantra is “Always Focus on Ordinary People” which he is known for as well as not being persuaded by the rich and famous mentality. As a producer and president of many media groups, his objective is not only to shed light on the Bollywood film industry but to also help execute reliable media resources for many with his media companies like NTV Houston. With the loss of over 2,100 publications, 70 dailies, and more than 2,000 weeklies many communities are left with little to no reliable sources of local news and information. A problem that he plans to help solve as an entrepreneur and industry professional. Navroz Prasla is one business professional who continues to change the narrative of coming to the United States with a dream and being able to make a change for the better. If you ever feel like accomplishing your dreams is impossible, just remember Navroz Prasla who is showing the world that anyone is able to achieve anything!

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