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“Looney Duphflebagg Emerging Artist from Chicago”

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Born and raised in the south west of Chicago, Looney Duphflebagg is an emerging artist on the rise. His whole life he admired and took inspiration from artist 50 Cent, working to find his own sound. Since December of last year he has been performing throughout various venues in his city and state. Gaining traction around his name in the local scene to progress further into his musical career.

From a very young age, he noticed he was musically talented. He also had a gift with hands-on art styled sketching and loved basketball. Raised by his mother, he grew up academically gifted, but gradually lost motivation towards school as he aspired to make music for his professional career as his priority.

The artist unfortunately got accustomed to the streets and dropped out of school but eventually got his GED for his mother. Even though he faced a lot of obstacles like being unable to maintain jobs, trouble with the law, but his spirit and talent never left. Looney Duphflebagg doesn’t put himself in one category, he has vocals and revolves around more than just Hip-Hop.

His new single “bALLiN” has just dropped August 5th and show us so much personality and uniqueness. Looney has incoming features with other rising artists like “waldxg”, “MOODA”, “Hanzy Macklovin”, “KCashino”, and “4ljmoney”. He collaborated on a release with the amazing artist Deon Alphanzo which released on August 1st on YouTube. The artist is definitely someone to be reckoned with. The sound that Duphflebagg distributes to his audience is a breath of fresh air that almost can’t be contested. Looney definitely stands out in the music industry and knows that he’s different from other competitors in the industry will without a doubt steer him toward his goals. Make sure to follow him on Instagram to keep up with his work and upcoming releases!

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