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Take A Trip Through Freddies Inferno Album Out Now With Official Video For “WANT”

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Following its initial assertive single, ‘Greed,’ he followed up with the equally bold and lyrically nimble collaboration, ‘Kick Rocks’ featuring Lil Darkie.’  Now to kickoff Freddie’s Inferno, he brings even more heat and twisted humor with the official video for ‘Want.
The 14-track self-produced body of work is his darkest to date as it follows his journey through hell, including his escape and the fun he has once he is out. An antithesis to Pink Lotus, it exemplifies Freddie as a pioneer of an emboldened bass-heavy confident strain of Hip-Hop. Pulling in the ears of some of hip-hop’s more critical listeners, Freddie has become the unlikely face of the internet-savvy underground.

Freddie Dredd has cultivated a massive following with his abrasive demeanor, inventive beats, and unique visual sensibility. He’s been in the digital trenches, gaining millions of streams on SoundCloud and winning followers on socials. Fueled by his popularity on TikTok, Freddie had his greatest success with his tracks “Cha Cha” and “Opaul.” His newfound fans were drawn to his vibey combination of ethereal samples and hard-hitting low-end.

“This is my best production of work and writing in my opinion.” Freddie shares. “One of the darkest albums of mine, it’s sort of an opus. You could say, it is the soundtrack for life when it stops making it sense.”
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