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Viral Rap Phenomenon, Jx.Zero`s “Playboy” Has 38 MILLION Spotify Streams

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Jx.Zero’s music is Fire! The artist’s unique sound has garnered him a lot of attention lately, and rightfully so. After the release of his last project “In My Sins,” Jx.Zero has been experiencing a huge influx of popularity and opportunities. This is largely because multiple tracks on the project went viral on TikTok. “Playboy” and “Different” have blown up across the internet, propelling the rapper into mainstream popularity and recognition. We’re excited to see what he does next.

Growing up, listened to a variety of music. However, there are a few artists that have particularly inspired him throughout his life. First and foremost is XXXtentacion. The late rapper awakened to the world around him and showed him that it was possible to make a difference through his music. Next is Drake, who reveres as the greatest artist of all time. Not only is Drake immensely successful, but he is also a fantastic lyricist with a unique storytelling ability. Finally, is Eminem, who has overcome incredible odds to become one of the most successful rappers in history. Lyrically, Eminem is in a class of his own, and his story is an inspiration to many. These three artists have had a profound impact on and continue to inspire him today. is no stranger to viral moments. With over 390k TikTok Followers and growing daily, he’s become somewhat of an expert on the subject. So, when his single “Playboy” started making waves on the platform, he knew he had to act fast. Luckily, he was able to leverage the momentum and turn it into long-term success. The song has now been added to over 38.1 million Spotify playlists and is quickly climbing the charts. But isn’t resting on his laurels just yet. He knows that the only way to maintain this level of success is to keep putting out quality content and connecting with his fans. Luckily, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be running out of ideas anytime soon.

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