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Junior Boy Grasps Mass Attention in Florida with newly released single, “MOST HATED”

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Upcoming rapper, Junior Boy hailing from Florida is bringing a whole new sound to the music industry! With his melodic hooks and catchy bars its no secret Florida has been harboring a gem.

Growing up always being around music, it was only a matter of time before Junior Boy was inspired to embark on his own journey in the music industry. Creating hot new music on a daily basis, Junior Boy put a big spotlight on Florida with his newly released hit, “MOST HATED” with an exciting and immersive visual to stamp his masterpiece.

“MOST HATED” depicts the life of Junior Boy struggling to find a way to the top while being ever watchful of those around him and their intentions. The song puts an emphasis on what real winners go through dealing with jealousy and hate in the industry. With so many artists trying to get the spotlight on them, Junior Boy let it be known why haters can’t stop greatness. Have a listen for yourself and watch the music come to life below!

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