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Rising Star Mattyofit Is Geared Up For A Big 2022

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Matheus Oliveria, known as Mattyofit to his fans, is an up and coming rapper from New York City. A strong connection has always existed between Mattyofit and music. As a kid, Mattyofit was an avid athlete who often worked out at the gym. He would often rap along to songs and vibe to the music during his gym sessions, which helped him lift more weight. This sparked something within him when he realized that the music was just as passionate as the gym.

Several months ago, Mattyofit met Marcus432 via Instagram and just happened to move to Miami at the same time. Together they were able to build a strong bond and connect through music, and the stars aligned for their success. In making this music, Mattyofit aims to convey certain messages. It is his goal to empower his fans to create their own reality and manifest anything they truly desire. Throughout Mattyofit’s music, you will hear him speak about issues and all the things he went through to get where he is today. Overall, he aims to inspire his fans in all facets of their lives with his music.

Currently, Mattyofit is working on summer jams for his fans. His most recent release is titled ‘Part of Life’. His future plans include dropping another single entitled ‘Matty O’, but a release date has not been set yet. ‘Part of Life’ is a song he wrote for his younger brothers. In spite of his best efforts, he wasn’t able to be a part of their lives as much as he would have liked. As much as he wanted to spend time with them, he never could. Although life got in the way of their relationship, he hopes this song will inspire them to be their best selves. ‘Matty O’ is a song he wrote about his day-to-day life, business, and establishing himself. They’re both guaranteed to be hits that you won’t want to miss. Check out ‘Part of Life’ on Spotify now! To follow along with Mattyofit’s journey, make sure you follow his Instagram!

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