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Cami Strella is becoming a mainstream artist

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Cami Strella’s is an artist from America, with a refined sound that he classifies as being “energy,” whether that be upbeat energy or a “sad energy,” Cami Strella’s music offers a sense of introspection that resonates with the audience.

Cami Strella, has proven his dedication to music as she crafts her sound, as seen in her latest release, “Commitment,” which although, fits her sound and discography, is a result of her “want[ing] to do something different instead of a typical club or twerk song, so [she] decided to do a slow record.” The by-product is a soulful narrative about the theme of commitment.

“Energy is a great word that I like to use when describing my music to new listeners because although it may be a more chill or bringing or even sad energy that I bring to each song my goal is to move the listener enough to make them a fan,” Cami Strella says.

The track is reminiscent of racin nonchalant slowed-down cadence yet features that “energy” we have come to expect from Cami Strella, featuring an introspective as she sets the mood and glides over the song, delivering smooth vocals that create the perfect vibe for being in your feelings or wanting to smoke and zone out.

Cami Strella’s sets the right tone for any occasion. With influences like The Weeknd, Asher, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Drake, it is clear where Cami Strella picks up that mesmerizing cadence and flow, studying the greats and refining her sound, and setting the tone for what is to come shortly. Her new song “Get Back” is

landing him many label offers. Yet, the biggest takeaway she wants her fans to know is that his forthcoming project will be new and exciting.

“I want people to see who I am as an artist through my next album,” she says. “My first album was just to prove I could do it, but this second project is full of emotion and grit.”

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