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Young Talent Eloghosa Ogbemudia Is Announcing His Presence

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Eloghosa Ogbemudia is a musician from London, United Kingdom, and one of those passionate, diligent, and creative musicians. Though the COVID outbreak was a significant setback for many people, it became a blessing in disguise for Eloghosa. During this period, he re-kindled his interest in music. He spent his time at home attempting to learn more about the music industry. The encounter piqued his interest in music creation, which turned out to be his calling. This marked the beginning of what was destined to be a fulfilling career.

From a young age, music has been a part of his life. Even though some questioned his talent, Eloghosa has proven to be a dedicated artist who aspires to make a name for himself in the music industry. His biggest issue was coming up with a distinct musical style that matched his personality and attitude. Perhaps this is why so many people questioned and doubted him.

“So, I’ve got a big story about how I got started. People at my school criticized me, laughed at me, and so on. Nonetheless, I stuck to my goal and believed in my abilities,” Eloghosa says.

What began as a pastime rapidly became a passion, and Eloghosa was soon creating beats with simple software like FL Studio. His natural talent helped him quickly grasp the technique of music creation, allowing him to produce beats that were not mainstream. In his hometown, his exceptional musical performance has made him a household name.

Eloghosa is also known for his electronic hip-hop tunes, which stand out for their uniqueness and authenticity. His latest album, “Meyham”, is sweeping the airwaves, with thousands of streams across many streaming platforms. “Meyham” is a remarkable album that delves deeper into the COVID-19 rehabilitation process. Eloghosa is particularly proud of the fact that on the first day of the “Diamond” release, the song received over 1000 plays.

At the same time, he completed his studies and became one of his class’s brightest students. While enjoying his free time and working hard to make music like a perfectionist, he was also awarded the “best student of his class award”.

Eloghosa now believes that no one should ever abandon their ambitions. Never pay attention to the critics since they always have the most to say but nothing to do. Nobody will work harder than you, even if they are more successful or receive more attention. Remember, it’s your dream, and you’re the only one who can make it a reality.

“I took time to focus on myself and build up my integrity and morale. This helped me to create my music, as my music is nothing you can find anywhere else. It has a proprietary story behind it, and it’s perfect for others to relate to,” Eloghosa says. 

Eloghosa plans to attend college in a few years to further his musical education. He wants to study sound, music, computer science, and engineering more in-depth. The idea is to lay a solid foundation for creating artificial intelligence (AI) that can offer sick beats to individuals. Eloghosa’s goal is to be the greatest at whatever he does, not to be renowned or at the top of the industry.

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