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King Nova Making Headlines

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King Nova is an artist who’s made a name for himself for pushing the boundaries in music The upcoming rapper will in no time become a major influence in the industry throughout his career King Nova had dropped a slew of other releases. These include ‘THE SELLOUT, and “Papi Nova” Wyandanch New York -based artist is a true force to reckon with, pulling influences from hip hop icons like sheek louch,J cole , Andre 3000, Jay z , kendrick lamar & most of all my older brother J – Leach, and others.

King Nova creates powerful music that genuinely connects to listeners mainly due to his dedication, conviction, and commitment, which can be heard in every song he releases. With pure beats in the studio and a personality that truly shines on him, be sure to follow King Nova as he’s got some amazing things coming his way. 


Even when it seems impossible, King Nova‘s determination for success has allowed him to visualize his desired destination, while executing his necessary goals. It is through this dedication that he is showing his earnest desire to lead a music legacy. Taking a look at where he is today, King Nova can become an iconic figure in the music industry.


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