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Elhae Releases New Single + Visualizer “Know”

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North Dakota-born and Georgia-raised singer, artist, and visionary ELHAE approaches R&B like a film director would, choosing every frame and every element carefully, ensuring an intricate level of cohesion, and building his own world. Despite that approach, he often pays homage to the legendary R&B crooner Joe for his inspiration for his new single, “Know”.

In the lyrics, Elhae sings “Girl, every time I lay down, you be in my dreams. You taking me to places that I’ve never seen and you don’t gotta worry, girl. I’ll take it slow, lay you down and show you everything I know.”

Since catching fire in 2015 on the independent Aura EP, he worked towards eventually architecting such a world. The follow-up All Have Fallen yielded fan favorites such as “Doesn’t Matter” feat Kehlani and “Needs,” which clocked 20 million-plus Spotify streams. 

Watch the visual for “Know” below:


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