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Title : Hollywood Pompeii aka Pizzle fo shizzle my nizzle you know the rest.

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Joshua Bermudez, publicly known as “Hollywood Pompeii”, was born in Coney Island Hospital, Coney Island Brooklyn NY on September 25th, 1985.

In 2020, “Hollywood Pompeii” was a name that was being tossed around the industry from the clubs to the offices. Everyone kept bring up this Hollywood guy. “It wasn’t until I booked Casanova for a 10 city tour that people started taking me serious,” said Hollywood Pompeii in an exclusive interview. He continued, “They would say things like that’s Hollywood Pompeii, he’s the Connect, he’s gonna get you the bag. I remember when no one was willing to give me a shot. I decided I had to gamble on my self so I ran up a bag and placed all the chips on me. There’s no better feeling then betting all on you and winning.”

In more recent events, we learned that Hollywood was officially a part of the team and worked directly next to ground breaking director, Gerard Victor. Gerard noticed Hollywood’s talent and ability to get the job done and brought him in on the biggest video ever shot in the city of New Orleans, “Vulture Island” V2 ft “Lil Baby” by “Rob49”. Immediately after the video was done, Director Gerard Victor doubled back to New Orleans for another big video with QC recording artist “Rob49” titled Hustler remix V2 ft “Kevin Gates”. Who was Shot selections go to guy for locations and other essentials? Hollywood Pompeii!

Hollywood Pompeii has developed a great reputation in today’s music industry not just for music videos but also for being the go to guy. Joshua Bermudez, publicly known as Hollywood Pompeii, has not only shot amazing visuals for some of your favorite artist but has also worked with them on how to build their brand, how to make more money, and how to survive the changes in today’s modern music industry. With credits ranging from Lil Baby , Rob49 , Fred The godson , Casanova , Lil Durk , Kyyngg , Trippie Redd , Lil Boosie , Kevin Gates & so many more

it’s no wonder everyone is talking about Hollywood.

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