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Multi-Talented Jonah Manzano Releases I Say, You Say

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Singer-songwriter Jonah Manzano, based in Sydney, Australia, has given him more freedom to commence his music career as an independent artist migrating from the Philippines to Australia in the year 2002.


The pandemic hit hard for everyone, but this was a great move to start and build his music career. Many years ago, when Jonah Manzano was part of the band, the lead vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, this was another gain of music knowledge to get him going to become independent. Unfortunately, the band split and moved on to their own lives.


Jonah Manzano has been busy producing original songs, cover songs, attending wedding events and music festivals. Jonah Manzano’s recent performance at Blacktown City Festival Streets Alive and Parade Day, where Jessica Mauboy, an Australian singer who also performed on the same day and stage on a different time schedule. It was another amazing day for everybody to share their passion for music. The pandemic hit a lot of businesses, but for Jonah Manzano, he saw this as an opportunity to write more songs.


Jonah Manzano’s music talent is believed to have originated from his father’s side, Arturo Manzano, where he taught him how to play the guitar. Later, Jonah Manzano learned more musical instruments in years passed by. The multi-talented singer-songwriter never stopped writing songs, it’s about timing when he wants to release them.


I Say, You Say is a new original composition for his audience to look forward to. It’s entirely written and produced in his home studio, apart from his five original songs written and published – The One Who Owns You Heart, Cry Out in My Heart, I Stall, Aking Mahal, Story of Our Life and Marry You Again. Perhaps, a lot of musicians and artists are trying to be an artist they want to be, but for Jonah it is entirely a different story. His passion for music is not about what he earns, but it’s about what he shares in the community that drives him to compose more songs. Most of his songs that’s been written are based on true-to-life stories.


Expecting a different music style from his previous compositions, we can only anticipate what we will hear when he releases his new song “I Say, You Say” on July 08, 2022. Jonah Manzano dropped a hint and stated it would be an acoustic pop song that we would expect to hear,


For Jonah Manzano, becoming an independent singer-songwriter has been on his mind since he migrated to Australia in September 2002. Joining a band as the lead keyboardist, he studied tourism, gained a full-time job in travel and tourism, which he did for 13 years, and quit the band. Subsequently, met his wife and had two kids. Jonah Manzano has learnt a lot in terms of music and his own journey of his life along the way.


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