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Music Speaks Louder Than What’s Heard, Says Firebrand Fame David Spearman

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What is music? Is it the coming together of different sounds and frequencies? Or is it an expression of its creator? Or perhaps an interpretation on the part of the listener? Music, it seems, is all of this at the same time. Think about any piece of music you have ever heard, and you’ll find bits and pieces of all these aspects bound together to create every song. This is why Firebrand fame David Spearman believes that music speaks louder than what’s heard. Let’s hear his take.

Music is a gift for humanity. It has, in fact, been a part of nature all along. However, the ears that were to hear and appreciate it took longer to come about. But once human beings had started to evolve, they observed the sounds of nature and enjoyed its complex rhythmic patterns, as though they appeared from a divine throat itself. This sound-only quality of music has been with us longer than words have been. Once language came about, words naturally found their way into music. And today, we seldom have musical pieces that aren’t accompanied by words. For David Spearman, “the words are a part of the music. They aren’t required to make music, music. They are a part of music and its growth. And the music itself is what the creator brings to the audience. He or she might be guided by a force of inspiration or be just looking for a vent or a way of understanding something complex. And it’s that present moment that gets embedded in the music created. Of course, then it’s the audiences’ turn to color it with their own understanding. For me, the ability of music to take on all forms yet maintain its core is something that goes beyond all the raw ingredients that create it.”

David Spearman’s enthusiasm and passion are contagious indeed. And we wish him all the best.

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