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Taking giant strides across the American music industry is Marques Kentrell Webb aka BigBossTrell.

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Music industry is one of the most fascinating industries growing globally with numerous skill full artists. But it is so facile to establish oneself as a music artist. Where music industry is blessed with massive music gems who have created a music which has entertain the audience’s utmost from the decades. No doubt several young talents has worked remarkably and set an aura of their music creation. We come cross one such music artist who have dazzled the industry and millions of people with his pro music craft – Marques Kentrell Webb. Hailing from Chicago, U.S.

Marques was in love with music since childhood and built a strong passion to conquer himself as a music artist. The young lad worked tremendously hard to polish his music craft.

The long hour of practice, determination for his work and consistent performance catered him an astonishing result. Gradually he built himself as a rapper and music artist by grabbing the opportunity to work in radio, google exposure and made sound fan following on the social domain app YouTube. His music craft has crossed millions of views in just short span this enhances his efficient music art. Each day his music craft goes viral on YouTube and adds a new fan to the endless list of fans of the artist.

His recently released his several songs which has been blockbuster hits and ruling the audience’s heart for the music craft performed by Marques. His songs that have created lot buzz are – Latex, DDD, My Hood, Harvey World, Deep, On It, Thottie, Mandy and many more. The songs are most played on the Spotify and leading the chart list. Today Marques has established himself successfully in his huge industry with his unique skill, creativity, perfect knowledge of beat and rhythm which has made him the master of his music art that his creation has always mesmerized his huge fans and audiences and poured bless in their life.

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