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How Can QR Codes Help Musicians Better Promote Their Songs On Offline And Online Platforms?

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Music marketing is as profitable as traditional marketing, and the concepts in music marketing are the same as in other disciplines of marketing. It follows the five stages of marketing, starting with raising brand recognition among the target demographic.

However, when it comes to advertising one’s music, brand awareness is linked to the musician’s preferred style. Rock, funky, metal, alternative, EDM, and lo-fi are all possible music genres that a musician wishes to focus on.

The music industry does not work that way since the various genres that performers can go through imply that people like their music in a specific way.

If you have limited marketing exposure from music marketers, no matter how excellent your music is for audiophiles, it will be one of the most underrated pieces of music ever.

As a result, you’ll need to amp up your music marketing efforts by adopting one of the popular methods for doing so. It could be through numerous social media sites, audio streaming platforms, and more, or the use of classic marketing methods such as paper marketing.

And all you have to do to better market on these platforms is incorporate a sample of your song into a QR code and plot new ways to promote your music.

How can QR codes help musicians advertise their music to their intended audiences?

Using QR codes to promote your music is similar to promoting a product. All you’ll need is a QR code that contains a sample of your music and a superb music promotional layout that you can easily integrate into any promotional site. After that, you can use these three effective methods to advertise your music using QR codes.

In one of your YouTube videos, insert your QR code

It is hard for musicians not to have their own YouTube accounts to share their music-making travels, as most musicians do. You can turn your Spotify link into a QR code and place it on the side of your video where viewers can see it as a low-key approach to market your music while delivering singing or music-making lessons in one of your videos.

Post and share on social media

Posting your music QR code on all of your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, is one approach to encourage your music to become viral. To accomplish so, you’ll need an attractive mp3 QR code design that appeals to your social media followers’ preferences for liking and sharing your posts. You’ll need to utilize a QR code generator online to generate your QR code.

Put it in the windows of your studio

If you believe that the online community isn’t enough to have your music recognized, you’ll need to take the next step and promote your music offline. To begin, find a location where most people pass by and can readily view your QR code marketing progress.

Place the QR code on your album to redirect customers to digital copies of their coffee book

Another way musicians can promote the music they create and use in marketing is by placing a QR code in the album they sell and redirecting it to a digital copy of their coffee book. A PDF QR code is the best suitable QR code type that they can use to store the PDF copy of their coffee books.

Applying this technique in their next album release can create a buzz in the music industry and gain exposure to other audience groups and collectors. Thus, increasing the exposure they can get by upgrading the way they plan out their album layout and bundles to their fans.


From childhood to adulthood, music has always been a part of one’s life. People’s musical tastes alter over time due to what social media and music streaming services recommend they listen to.

Enhancing a musician’s music advertiser’s efforts can make a significant difference in the musician’s life, as music marketing is critical to getting a musician’s music recognized by the public. Because QR codes are the future of marketing, getting a piece of music to become viral is as simple as scanning it.

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