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Artist To Watch 2022: Meet Floridas’ BigGucciDame

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Hip-Hop Artist BigGucciDame is on his way to mainstream success. The young rapper has been extremely consistent over the years and has managed to gain some pretty impressive numbers for an independent artist. He had an amazing year in 2021when it comes to music, he released massive records such as, “Road To Heaven” with Drip and “No Lean” with Not Klyde. These two songs alone have gained over 300k streams and would be the songs that brought serious attention to Dame.

Growing up in Florida, the music scene is evident. He is amongst the young talent rising from Florida with fellow stars such as Zauntee, Social Club Misfits, and Caleb Gordon just to name a few. BigGucciDame has worked endlessly to further his brand and give his fans what they need. He hinted to us that he will have some of his best music released this year and maybe even a sound or two you’ve never heard from him before.

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