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Mohamed Rashid Inspires Thousands With His YouTube and Music Career

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Inspiration and motivation can be derived in a variety of ways. This can, however, vary depending on an individual or the circumstances at hand. As a result, what motivates and inspires you isn’t quite the same as what motivates and inspires others. Regardless of the situation, music has proved to motivate and inspire. Music offers numerous advantages and is something people engage with the world over. Music is naturally soothing. It has numerous advantages, including relieving your worries, whether they are physiological, emotional, or interpersonal.

Artists are also known as some of the greatest motivational speakers. They can speak of life, inspiration, and encouragement through their music. Mohamed Rashid, who’s known as Chatmo, is an artist who’s well-known for his inspirational music. Chatmo is a 21-year-old artist from the Netherlands making his way into the music scene. The hip-hop producer turned artist is taking over the airwaves with his thrilling, captivating, and uplifting music. 

“I have been making music from an early age, inspired by my friends around me. I didn’t take my music seriously at the time. I did it for fun and not for work. Nowadays, I can inspire many young people who watch my YouTube videos and listen to my music,” Chatmo explains.

With a background in music production and content creation, Chatmo has mastered the art of visualizing his music and ensuring that the message hits home. His songs provide variations that move seamlessly in an intriguing yet playful way. Through his creativity, self-expression, and humor, Chatmo has developed an indescribable music style that seems to be appreciated even beyond the borders of the Netherlands. The number of streams on this music is unbelievable, and to him, it’s really inspiring to see the positive reactions he gets from his music. 

 “While creating my content on YouTube, I noticed it was important to incorporate music into your videos. This way, you create atmosphere and tension in your video. It was a difficult task to start producing music. But that was no problem at all for me,” says Chatmo.

Having already built up a large platform via YouTube, Chatmo is also hitting other notable career highlights. In 2020 he was nominated as ‘Best Talent’ by Dutch Stream Awards. 

Unfortunately, he ended up in second place. This year he has been nominated as the ‘Best Gamer’ by The Best Social Awards. This award show is still ongoing, so the winner has not yet been determined. 

Chatmo wants to achieve a lot more in his career over the next five years. Part of his dream is to work on collaborations with other top artists. This is part of his plan to introduce his music to a greater audience. Chatmo also wants to release more inspirational music and get to inspire others. According to him, there is no limit to what you can achieve. His dream is to hopefully establish a music empire and help other young and up-and-coming artists bring their dreams to life. The goal is to build many more life memories while also impacting society.

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