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TEF XL’s Supreme Vibes In Energetic Hip-Hop Joint ‘RNR’

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TEF XL has been fueling substantial momentum with the release of his latest track “RNR”, a follow up to his impressive music video “Deuces.” One of the MOST slept on artists out right now. Wickedly talented.
This fast-paced, energetic, and action packed joint is undeniably one of the Florida-based hip hop artist’s most impactful releases to date.
He brilliantly manages to keep audiences engaged thanks to a sophisticated mixture in which perfectly balanced beats and melodies bring the perfect sonic structure for him to layer over his profound, sharp, and hard-hitting lyrics.
“RNR” is a stunning Hip-Hop masterpiece that once again showcases TEF’s unique rapping skills and vision of the genre. This meticulous production will clearly help speed-up his unstoppable rise to the very top of the game.
His previous release, “Deuces” represented a condensed autobiography through music, the most efficient way for fans to really get to know his true nature. “put myself through more sh#t then I could’ve suppose” and “I represent multiviews past and present”.
Prior to “Deuces,” TEF XL had dropped “JIT 2 A G,” another major track featuring J. HARRIS and Spinabenz. The bold and energetic Jacksonville, Florida-based rapper is also a business executive with deep roots as a hip-hop artist, promoter and social advocate. Influenced by 80s and 90s rap, TEF XL is best known for incorporating sonics inspired by neo-soul and socially conscious lyricism in all of his tracks.
He launches 2022 in the most powerful way by dropping “Deuces,” with everyone now awaiting his next hit on the airwaves! His verses go in so many directions, so many pockets, so much wordplay. Masterclass. Absolutely nobody we know can compete with TEf XL! Flow is so unique, smooth and effortless…respect.

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