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Ace Boog Artist Development Specialist From Milwaukee

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Ace Boog is an up and coming recording artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that has started to transition into artist development.  He started making music at the age of 13 and has been in the game 9 years now.  His older brother inspired him to be the artist he is today and his family gave him the push he needed to keep grinding and making music.  One of his biggest accomplishments so far is signing a record deal with Boogotti Entertainment.

His next move is to offer artists a better opportunity to showcase their talent through various techniques and marketing strategies.  He actually transitioned from being an artist to an artist development specialist while learning how to market and promote his own music. He has connected and tapped in with a lot of very smart people in the industry and has acquired the proper skills and knowledge to take an artist and blow them out of this world. With the proper knowledge on how to platform music correctly, and market content, he has developed a unique technique that can/will generate organic and powerful results.  Ace Boog is always working on new music and plans to have an album ready by September.  What he wants the fans to take from his music is with hard work and consistency anything is possible.  He wants people to see that

there is hope out there and there is a way to make it.

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Instagram – @theofficialaceboog


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