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The Hope Dealer: Helping Addicts Recover (Drug Rehabilitation Documentary) [4k] | Real Stories

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Lucy Hall is The Hope Dealer. As a young girl, she watched her family disappear into the worlds of alcohol and drugs, and then she too was caught in the web of generational addiction. But Lucy found her way to recovery.

Her story of self-empowerment is now at the center of saving others. She’s helped 10,000…10,000 more are at her door! This is her story and the story of Mary Hall Freedom House. Lucy was living for her next high… buying, selling, stealing, all to the point of “chasing it”. It was one woman who turned Lucy’s life around; a probation officer who pushed her into treatment.

Through a series of refreshing interviews, honest conversations, and bold reenactments, a group of women enrolled in the transformative program share their personal journeys, depicting the emotional highs, lows, obstacles and dreams of a discarded group of Americans that deserve to take their lives back. Hope Village follows Lucy Hall’s redemptive journey from addiction into the other side of recovery in which she starts one of the most successful rehabilitation programs in the country after discovering a new approach to treating women’s health and substance abuse.

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