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Mike Dynasty Uses His Inspirations For His Craft

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Some people use their whole life to figure out their passion, but for others, it is a clear calling that reaches out to them from a young age and grips them firmly by the collar. Feeling the pull of destiny, Mike Rodriguez, also known as DJ Mike Dynasty, has been firing on all cylinders creatively. He started by holding multiple DJ residencies and then quickly gained traction. As he remained committed to music, he began to reap the rewards of his hard work. Dynasty played alongside acts such as Lil Jon, Snoop Dogg, Post Malone, Compton AV, RJ, and Slim 400, to name a few. Rodriguez did not stop at spinning records, and he started creating his own. Some of his hits include “Rich” and “Twerk Sum,” which combine elements of Trap and Hip Hop. Dynasty loves to create an experience for people to vibe out, have a spectacular time, and get lost in the music.

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