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Ace Truen Promotes New Single “Non Stop Running”

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“Non-Stop Runnin” is the signature single off of Ace Truen’s new album titled No Half Steppin, available on all streaming platforms 04/22/22 “Non-Stop Runnin” highlights the motion of life’s daily journey and depicts what it takes to overcome all of the obstacles we encounter. His lyrical wisdom hits fans in the chest, inspiring listeners to have enough endurance and faith in themselves to both finish what they started and win–quoting Ecclesiastes 9:11, which loosely translates to, “The race is not won by the fast nor the swift, but by those who endure to the end.” Ace Truen emphasizes that there’s no time for hesitation, as he who hesitates is lost. He knows firsthand what it’s like to veer off course, take too much time off, and finding a way back to the true and correct path. It’s a new season for Ace Truen and millions of people across the globe, so he’s declaring that it’s time to amp things up and elevate to conquer the course ahead. Be sure to run it up and then like, follow, share, and subscribe to Ace Truen’s IG @acetruen and on YouTube and other streaming platforms at Ace Truen Diamond Aces Ent.

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