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Mike Willion Plans To Drop New EP Soon

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Born in Germany, Mike Willion made his move to the United States at a young age, moving around with his father who was serving in the army.

Mike Willion carried the tradition of service in his family on by driving trucks in Iraq. These were important moments that have helped shape the man he is today. “The most challenging I have overcome in my life was surviving Iraq,” explained Willion. “I can’t stress that enough I did a year over there as a truck driver and it was the most dangerous situation I ever been in in my life but I wanted to provide for my family and I was chosen.”

Willion has gone on to pursue a career as a musician, reaching thousands of listeners worldwide. The creative started to focus more on his craft during his freshman year of college. Willion has been in full pursuit ever since, consistently dropping more heat as he moves forward.

The creative recently entered the new year with a brand new project titled ‘Conversations With A Virgo’. The project will be followed up by another combination of songs soon.

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