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Corley White AKA Yung Curl Strikes Big Again with Second Film Starring Fredo Starr

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Yung Curl just recently completed his first film that he wrote, directed and acted in. He had the chance to connect with some big names and put them into his movie like Fatboy SSE, Justina Valentine, Shiggy, ATown and Bill Collector. The film, Get Lost, will be dropping on Tubi TV any day now so be on the lookout!
Corley is always ready for the next big thing, and he is climbing the ladder to success. Next month he will begin filming his second independent movie called One Mic. This is another one that he wrote himself and will be directing and acting in. He has been involved in the music world since he was young and this new movie revolves around music, so if you love music too you will not want to miss this one. He had the chance to connect with the legend, Fredo Starr and you will get to see him starring in this new movie. Be on the lookout for this one to be streaming on all major platforms this coming fall.
Success can be measured in many forms but to Corley success is reaching your goals and finding happiness and peace in life. A message he wants people to know is that the sky is the limit, and you can achieve any goal that you put your mind to. When you hit a roadblock don’t ever give up because you can create a masterpiece from nothing especially if your heart is in it. It was not easy to create his first movie, but he was dedicated to it, so he was able to overcome any obstacle that came in his way and now he is blessed to be creating his second masterpiece.

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