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Compton Rapper BoogieFrmDa8 Unleashes “Don’t Take It Personal”

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“Stay true to yourself. Don’t short-change yourself to make others feel good,” mentioned BoogieFrmDa8 in a recent interview. “Most only support when they see you are winning. If theydon’t FK with you while you’re climbing, then you already know it’s fake love.I’m talking about those who know & see you.”

BoogieFrmDa8’s latest track “Don’t Take It Personal,” is inspired by his lifestyle and this artist primarily focuses on individuality to help uplift his fans in their grind. 

This message from BoogieFrmDa8 is intended to make fans realize that not everyone is meant to stick throughout the trough times. Most people are just looking for their benefit, and when the going gets tough, they will leave without a second thought. For this reason, it is best to just focus on your hustle and stay true to yourself without getting affected by the masses.

BoogieFrmDa8 went the extra mile to pour his soul into this track. This song brings the perfect balance between meaningful lyrics and an engaging rhythm.

“I’m intrigued with expressing myself with words,” he said in a recent interview. “I want that ending that I visualized, so I will go hard until I get it!”

Through his music, he hopes audiences feel inspired to stay on their grind. 

“Get money, follow your dreams,” Boogie says. “It’s perfectly OK to be the underdog. You ain’t gotta have a bunch of cheerleaders following you around. As long as you stay true to yourself, your craft, and stay grinding everything else will line up as it is supposed to be. Be your own person and if they can’t accept that, you don’t wanna be around their fake ass anyway.”

Be on the lookout for what else he has on the way for 2022.

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