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Wiz Khalifa – Still Rolling Papers | Documentary

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Still Rolling Papers is a 30-minute documentary about Wiz Khalifa’s journey from hometown hero to global superstar. It’s the story of how a crew of friends took their dreams into their own hands and built one of the most impactful movements within Hip Hop. It’s a story of resilience, self belief, taking risks and ignoring outside pressure. The doc features interviews from Chevy Woods, Curren$y Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and more as they reflect on 10+ years of Taylor Gang. Thank you to all the fans who have been a part of the journey along the way.

HipHopDX Presents Still Rolling Papers Starring Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Gang
Executive Produced By Wiz Khalifa, Will Dzombak, Kevin Hofman & Sharath Cherian
In Association With Atlantic Records/ Warner Music Group, SMAC Entertainment
Directed By Blair Avery (@createdbyba)
Produced By & Interviews By Jeremy Hecht (@jeremy_hecht)
Produced By Jordan Saint-Pierre (@jordansaintpierre)
Thumbnail design by JR Martinez (@zxmbiac)

Timecodes – 0:00
0:30 – Wiz Khalifa reflects on the past decade in the game
1:30 – Wiz talks about growing up in Hazelwood, Pittsburgh
2:00 – How Chevy Woods and Wiz Khalifa connected in the studio
2:00 – Sledgren talks about connecting with Wiz
3:00 – How Taylor Gang and Wiz Khalifa started wearing chucks
3:30 – Wiz Khalifa on taking music seriously and recording at ID Labs
4:00 – E. Dan talks about working with Wiz Khalifa
5:00 – Curren$y talks about meeting Wiz Khalifa and connecting through music
6:00 – How Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa started smoking papers
8:00 – Wiz Khalifa’s crew and the origins of Taylor Gang
10:00 – Wiz signs his deal and goes on tour
12:00 – Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Gang partying on tour – On My Level
13:00 – Wiz talks about bringing smoking to his brand
14:00 – Wiz Khalifa talks about Creating Rolling Papers
16:00 – Wiz talks about dying his hair blonde
17:00 – Wiz Khalifa talks about making “Black And Yellow”
20:00 – How Snoop Dogg met Wiz Khalifa
21:00 – Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Stone Cover and becoming a superstar
23:00 – Wiz Khalifa on returning to Pittsburgh to finish the album
24:00 – Wiz and Taylor Gang talk about making “The Race”
26:00 – What Rolling Papers means to the world
27:00 – Who is Wiz Khalifa

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